TV, PC, tablets, mobile... A new, converged media landscape is rapidly emerging. Broadband penetration and content digitisation are changing consumer behaviour and broadcasters face the challenge of interacting with their audiences in new and continuously changing ways.

Media companies are becoming integrated multiplatform distributors reaching viewers anywhere, anytime via different means. They optimize TV content exploitation online through catch-up services and take over the web to enrich their legacy brands and create new experiences for viewers.

Which are the most ambitious editorial and marketing multiplatform strategies? What are the current trends in key genres? What are the most remarkable, innovative and successful cross-media contents and experiences? That is what ScreenX intends to explore.

 ScreenX covers:

• All programme genres and formats: news, fiction, documentary, children, sports, factual, entertainment, talent shows, arts & culture...

• More than 50 audiovisual groups in major Western markets: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain, UK, US...

• All contents and services: web spin-offs, "making of" videos, multimedia features, interactive apps, social media, participation, online games/contests, mobile products, etc.

ScreenX features:

• International benchmarks and research (360° organization, editorial and marketing strategies, topical trends, best practices, content performances, etc.)

• Evaluation of specific cross-media projects (concept, objective, positioning, target audience, content, promotion, etc.) and recommendations for optimization.

• Moderation of creative groups involving programme development and production teams (discussion of case studies, elaboration of guidelines, etc.).

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