NewsNext is a research and consulting platform dedicated to international news media and professionals, producing syndicated and ad hoc research on news strategies and content.

Trends in News is NewsNext’s yearly reference study for news professionals and organizations. It monitors news offers and market strategies of key media worldwide, identifies and analyzes innovative and successful content and services on-air and online and deciphers news consumers behaviors and expectations.

NewsNext’s past works include an international conference on all-news channels (2006), 3 editions of Trends in News on news formats (2008), news convergence (2009) and news audiences (2010) and a large number of tailored research studies and consulting missions.
 NewsNext services include

• Yearly syndicated studies on news trends, editorial/marketing strategies, content/services and usage/audiences.

• Benchmark of ‘best editorial practices’ to map content and design, on-air and online, and to feed the creative process of media and producers.

• Customized audits/reviews to evaluate the contents and performances of news programs, web features, services or applications and make recommendations for improvements.

• Management/moderation of creative groups to develop content, design strategies and improve organizations and processes.

• Interview of partners, experts and news professionals on behalf of clients to assess perception and test ideas for future developments, services and partnerships.

NewsNext tools and resources

• The NewsNext Database: a catalog of more than 1,800 reports, highlights and data sheets with key, up-to-date information on news formats, contents and services (concept, evaluation, storyboard, transcript, audiences, etc.) in text, pictures and graphs.

• The NewsNext Library: a video library of more than 2,000 hours of news programs, extracts and promo trailers from 30 countries and 80 key media organizations worldwide, constantly updated with the latest formats from television and the Web.

• The NewsNext Experts: a wide range of research and consulting solutions based on NewsNext expertise and international network of partners and correspondents to feed projects with the best local knowledge/experience available on the market.

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