Media Content Branding


Media Content Branding (MCB) is a research and consulting platform dedicated to the promotion and deployment of brands in a digital multiplatform environment. 

It covers brand specifics (promises, values, territory, design, etc.), brand portfolios (multichannel brand strategy, brand complementarities, new opportunities, etc.) and self & cross promotion practices (planning, production, creativity), on-air and online. 

MCB objective is to enable media/content owners to benchmark their brand portfolios and strategies with other players in international markets to learn from their choices and get fresh ideas/inspiration to boost the creativity and efficiency of their own branding and promotion strategies. 

 MCB services include:

• Brand reviews: audit of media/content brands, portfolios and strategies.

• Creative benchmarks: editorial review of trailers, snipes and promotional banners to spot clever and innovative works and feed producers with inspiring ideas.  

• Narrative analysis: assessment of the capacity of promotional content to grab the attention of users and to elicit their interest based on behavioral psychology.

• Strategic reviews: international benchmarks of self-promotion strategies (communications objectives, volumes, planning, preferred slots, duration and frequency of breaks, length and hierarchy of trailers, use of snipes, diversity of genres and appointments promoted, etc.).

• Focus groups and professional interviews of partners, experts, planners and producers on behalf of clients to evaluate market trends and opportunities, assess perception and test ideas for future developments.

MCB tools and resources include

• A database of more than 2,500 media/content promo (videos, screenshots).

• Regular multi-channel/multi-country sample grid slots (access, primetime).

• Program logs with detailed promo information (scheduling, type, genre, etc.).

MCB latest publications include:

• A benchmark of TV broadcasters' self-promotion strategies in Europe

• A study on cross-media self-promotion in Europe

• An international review of flagship news brands portfolios

• A creative benchmark of children program trailers

• A study on brand integration in TV and web environments

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