About Headway

Headway is an international consultancy based in Paris, specialized in editorial and marketing strategies for players in the media and contents industries (broadcasters, producers, distributors, institutions, web platforms).

Headway offers consulting and advice related to strategy, organization, editorial policy, market positioning, development and diversification; research design, coordination of qualitative & quantitative fieldwork, desk research, professional interviews, industry reports, data sourcing and data mining; trend analysis and management of the innovation process.

Headway’s work approach takes into account interactions between strategy, business, marketing and editorial. Headway has developped a powerful set of exclusive analytical tools and an international network of partners and experts to feed projects, enrich analyses and run operational consulting in multiple markets with the best team and knowledge.

Exclusive Services

Headway has developped five specific topical services, with exclusive tools and resources.
NewsNext is an international consulting platform producing syndicated and ad hoc research on news strategies (content, audiences, marketing, etc.).
MCB is a service dedicated to the deployment of brands in a digital multiplatform environment (values, territory, self & cross-promotion practices, etc.).
Attention is a methodology based on behavioral psychology to evaluate fiction narratives at various stage of their development (pitch, scripts, pilots, etc.) developped by Attentional.
3G is an international observatory analyzing free-to-air channel models in Europe (portfolios, positioning, grids, contents, performances, etc.).
ScreenX is a service dedicated to cross-media projects combining developments on TV, radio, the Web and mobile.
All reports, case studies and videos are accessible or downloadable on our secured portal, Headway Anytime. Contact us for more information on how to subscribe and register.

News / Events

European Film Consumer Study
A consortium led by Headway International and Headway International is running a study on audience building throughout Europe for the European Commission. The purpose of this study is to help the Commission better define the Creative Europe Programme.  (More...)
AEDEMO conference speech (Cadiz, 2012/02/16)
Arnaud Dupont, managing director of Headway International and Marta San Pedro, managing director of Expert AEGIS Media Iberia (Carat) will make a speech at the AEDEMO Conference in Cadiz (Spain) on February 16-17th 2012.   (More...)
3G: New free-to-air channels
3G features a comparative analysis of the positioning and editorial strategy of third generation channels in key markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK)  with in-depth case studies (programming grids, flagship formats, audience ratings, etc.). (More...)
Promotion of European Works in Audiovisual Media Services
Headway was co-leader, together with Attentional, of the European Commission study on the Promotion of European Works in Audiovisual Media Services (Articles 13, 16 and 17 of AVMS Directive). (More...)


Attentional is a global media consultancy advising distributors, broadcasters, regulators, producers and other owners of audiovisual content. Attentional’s tools and resources help clients make business critical decisions both on specific content and overall media strategy. 

James&Wilkinson Media is a consultancy providing on-air media planning strategy, training and process review for broadcasters globally. It helps broadcasters improve the effectiveness of their own self-promotional marketing at both a strategic portfolio level and day-to-day implementational level in order to maximise marketing opportunities. 

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